The Ingredients:

From working with expert bartenders to taste-testing as a team, our cocktails are the real deal. It’s a process, but all you need to worry about is being able to open a cold can and enjoy the taste of your favorite bar cocktail anywhere.

Our process

Recipe development using five real bar ingredients

Source the cocktail ingredients. Test the recipe’s abv. Develop a 1l recipe and scale to 40 bbl. Submit the ingredient formula for approval. Upc developed for the cans and 4-pack. Label and cans submitted for approval. Artwork approved for labels and cans. 4-pack artwork submitted for approval. Corrosive testing for can with the recipe. Cans ordered. Can, package, pasteurize, and palletize the cocktails. Shipped to distributors throughout the u.S. Orders fulfilled to retail locations.

Products purchased in-store or online

You enjoy bar-worthy cocktails straight from the can anywhere.

What we’re up to:

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